Ethical use of lli and lli+

lli and lli+ (the tool) have been crafted over many years with care, diligence and love. Not to mention a fair share of blood, sweat and tears. The tool has been created to enable individuals, organisations and coaches to gain greater insight and develop leadership qualities in themselves, their businesses and their clients.


In deciding to use the tool you are agreeing to use it in the spirit in which it was created, to protect and preserve the rights of any one who completes the questionnaire and to retain the integrity of the tool.


As Registered Coaches of lli you are expected to interpret the lli tool using your insight and intuition coupled with your intellectual understanding of the tool. At all times feedback must be given with care and sensitivity. Registered Coaches who can be shown to have contravened the guidelines set out below may be refused access to the tool.

We respectfully remind Registered Coaches of the obligations that form part of their registration with 654.

These are:

  • To follow the administration, scoring and interpretation instructions contained in the coaches manual, to ensure that the tool is used properly
  • To ensure that no unqualified person is allowed to administer, score or interpret the report
  • To tell respondents how long data (e.g. results) will be kept on file, and indicate to whom and under what circumstances data will or will not be released
  • To take reasonable steps to keep individuals' results confidential, only divulging them to someone other than the respondent when there is legitimate cause and with the respondent's full knowledge
  • To observe all applicable laws on the protection of personal data
  • When communicating results, to ensure that their implications are clear to the recipient, and to explain the limitations of the tool in any report
  • To use their best efforts to see that the respondent receives adequate information about the theory on which the tool is based and appropriate feedback on his or her results
  • Never to contravene copyright law by photocopying, computerising or adapting any part of the tool, the software or the report format unless agreed with 654 in writing
  • To take corrective action where bad practice or breach of copyright is evident in their organisation
  • To review results regularly, including the outcome of decisions taken on them, and to pay attention to differences between groups, in particular those of a different race, gender, ethnic background or who are disabled and to bring any conclusions or insights to the team at 654.
  • Where a Registered Coach moves to a new employer or a new section of their existing employer please contact us so we can update our records.

Ethical guidelines on sharing respondents’ results

For many people receiving their feedback from a coach may be a challenging or unnerving experience. We expect Registered Coaches to put respondents at their ease and to ensure they are in the best possible state to receive the results contained within their report. Registered Coaches need to be committed to using the tool to support the self-awareness and development of individuals and teams. It should never be used to restrict or limit an individual's options.                                                                                                                       

The taking of the tool should always be voluntary. Feedback of lli+ results should always be provided in a full and complete manner and may be provided in group or individual settings Purchasers of the lli will receive feedback as an electronically generated report through the mail. An individual’s results should never be revealed to others without the express consent of that individual.

Interpretation of results

Interpreting results should be based on the principles outlined in the Registered Coach training programme. However it is a generative tool and as such Registered Coaches are encouraged to bring their own intelligence and intuition to their interpretation of the results.

Registered Coaches are also encouraged to feedback to 654 learning and insight gained as the tool is used.


The tool has been created to be used and shared to enable as many people as possible to gain benefit from understanding their profile.  And please remember that a publisher’s materials are their most valuable property and infringing copyright severely affects the ability of publishers to produce materials economically and to produce new materials.

We would ask that you do not reproduce the following materials, whether or not the reproduced materials are sold:

• Manuals and related texts
• Client report or feedback forms
• Profile charts as they appear on report forms
• Score keys/patterns of answers
• Software programs and accompanying documentation
• Training materials

(This list is not intended to be exhaustive.)

Computer software

It is illegal to incorporate any of the components listed above into computer software used for the administration, scoring and interpretation of the tool.

Please use the tool in the generative and creative spirit with which it was created so more people are able to find out more about themselves and thus begin to live the life they truly want to lead.